frequently asked questions

1) how Do I place an order

2) do you have pieces in stock?

4) can i pick up my parts in person?

3) how long would it take to have my order ready?

Our common fabrication time is between 2 to 5 business days (depending on the orders that we have ahead of yours). 

We require half of the total in advance (unless we are shipping the pieces through greyhound. If shipping we require the total amount also if you are paying with paypal, credit or debit).

You can make a:

1) Bank deposit at either Wellsfargo or US Bank

2) Pay with credit/debit card.  

3) Use your paypal account



We fabricate once we get an order. Fiberglass is flexible an might lose its original shape due to different factors such as the weather and position that is why we fabricate at the moment we get an order in.

5) can you ship an order?

Yes you can pickup in person in south San Diego in zip code 92154

YES we do ship to anywhere in the USA through Greyhound (buses).  

Here is how it works: Greyhound is the least expensive way to ship large packages. We drop off the parts in San Diego and we send them to the closest greyhound station in the client's area. Clients get notified with a phone call once the pieces are ready for pickup. Clients need to pick up their parts at the bus station with proof of picture ID.  Greyhound stations are usually open until 8pm and most of them open on Saturday's and Sunday's.